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WWI German field boots
WWI German field boots
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Brief Description
Detailed Description

Due to the increasing demand for WWI re-enacting equipment I have dug the patterns out for the WWI German boots that I had done up several years ago. Tweaked them here and there to bring them up to today's standards, and here's a good pair of boots.  These are the period correct boots with the back panel overlapping the front with two rows of stitching up each side.  Available in both brown or black your choice.  The Inventory will
almost always show out of stock.  I have too many options available to keep more than a few basic boots in stock. See the "brief description" and the "Detailed Description" for more photos and ordering instructions.

I did the patterns up for these boots several years ago for a few pair for friends and a film company, then filed them away in the pattern archives.  With the 100th anniversary coming up of the Great War I have had several requests for these boots again.  So here they are.
My WWI German boots are made from the same sturdy leather as all my Civil war and WWII boots.  Good tough stuff, Veg. tanned, and heavily oiled.  These are not soft and floppy boots.  Boots are made all rough side out in your choice of brown (early war), or black (later).  Soles are fully pegged, with the extra clump half sole on top.  Heels come in your choice of a ring of hobnails around the outside as in the photos, or a steel horseshoe type heel rim.  I currently have a small supply of the thin West German heel rims for an authentic look.

  All men are not created equal, especially in the calf area.  These boots come in a standard calf size for every size, shown below.

  • Size 7, 15" around the tops
  • Size 8, 15.5" around the tops
  • Size 9, 16" around the tops
  • Size 10, 16.5" around the tops
  • Size 11, 17" around the tops
  • Size 12, 17.5" around the tops
  • Size 13, 18" around the tops.
  1. Measure around your calves 14" up from the floor, and see if you match these numbers (remember to wear your trousers and measure around them also).  If you are too big or too small to comfortably fit these you have the option of changing the calf size for your boots to get a better fit.  

    Hob nails are not included with these boots.  I do not have period correct German hob nails for the first war.  I do have hobnails that can be installed into the boots if you want the real feel of marching in hobnailed boots, and they are available as an option below.  If you have period correct nails that you want installed into your boots, I can do this for you at no extra charge, Email me at to tell me you ar providing your own nails and then mail them up to me at:
    Robert Land Footwear
    3909 Witmer Rd pmb 139
    Niagara Falls NY 14305
     You need bare minimum of 80 nails to do the job.

                                  ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS

    1.  Select you size from the drop down menu.  Click on the size to lock it in
  2. Select the colour you want the boots to be.  Black or brown on the drop down menu.  Click on the colour to lock it in.
  3. Decide if you want the boots to be hobnailed by me with my nails. If you do write hobnails in the box that asks "hobnail your boots". There is a $25 extra charge to have the boots nailed.  If you do not want them nailed or are providing your own leave this box empty.  Any entry in this box will cost you $25.
  4. If the standard calf sizes do not match up to you, too big or too small and you want to change them to fit, enter the calf size you want in inches into the box marked "change calf size to".  There is a $25 extra charge to customize the fit.  It pays me to hand cut out the uppers to fit. But, you get a boot that has a good fit in the leg. If you do not want to change the calf size, leave the box empty.  Any entry in this box will cost you $25.
  5. Click the "ADD TO CART" button.  Then check all your options make sure everything is the correct size ect. etc. and follow the instructions on the shopping cart


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