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lady's 1860's shoes
lady's 1860's shoes
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Brief Description
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Lady’s walking shoes for the 1860’s.

A pretty little lady’s shoe for an 1860’s impression.  Many people have asked me for a shoe for this period.  And, originals are quite hard to find as this seems to be the era of the boot.  This shoe is copied from an original in the Ohio Historical Society collection

Made from fine kid leather, this shoe quite accurately copies the original.  Right down to the straight soles.  Fully cloth lined, made from fine kid leather.  The original was made from brown and black leather.  See below for photo of the original.  The original was a flat (no heel) shoe.  I have listened to ladies for years say they need a heel on their shoes to feel comfortable and I have also listened to ladies who want to wear and exact copy.   So I am making them both ways, trying to satisfy everyone (here’s hoping).  You can buy them with or without heels.  Make your selection at time of ordering.



Original shoes photo  ( Photo coming)



Reproduction shoes with flat soles,  (photo coming)



These shoes are made on the same lasts as our slippers and should fit the same as them.  I have tried very hard to keep my sizing consistent so that all shoes fit the same.  If you are worried about the fit please contact me at  and ask for a sizing chart.  Fill in the blanks  and email me back the info and I will help you with your selection.






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