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Regency period lady's shoes
Regency period lady's shoes
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$109.00 6B MEDIUM, BLACK kid leather 1 in stock
$109.00 10B MEDIUM, FOREST GREEN kid leather 1 in stock
$99.00 6D WIDE, FOREST GREEN kid leather 1 in stock
$99.00 7B MEDIUM, FOREST GREEN kid leather 1 in stock
$99.00 8B MEDIUM, FOREST GREEN kid leather 2 in stock

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Brief Description
Detailed Description

A very pretty lady's regency period shoe.  Made from fine kid leather.  These shoes are copied from a shoe in the Victoria and Albert Museum.  These have a gros grain binding around all edges, "straight" soles, and a very low heel. 
Finally after many years of waiting I have came up with a Regency period line of lady's shoes.
This pretty little shoe is copied from a shoe in the Victoria and Albert museum.  The original item is in the dark forest green colour you see in the first photo below.  I have laboured to come up with a shoe that is historically accurate, yet comfortable.  This shoe I feel is both. The original shoe I have copied from is shown on the colour plate on page 67 of the book SHOES, by Lucy Pratt, Linda Woolley.  Part of the Victoria and Albert Museum Fashion Accessories series.  It is dated from 1810 to 1820.  The original shoe is a dark green leather.  Made of soft kid leather with a canvas lining, it molds to your foot, unlike modern shoes that force your foot to mold to it.  Also this shoe gives you the period correct "footprint".  Totally straight, yet the shoe on the inside is a left and a right shoe, so the comfort of your modern shoes is still there. 

Regency period shoe in forest green colour

Regency period shoe in black

A pair in black

                              detail of the sole showing our period correct "straight" soles

SIZING. Many people have contacted me with regards to sizing. If you have worries about getting a correct fit please contact me by email at and request a copy of my measuring chart. Return the information required and I can reccommend to you the size that should fit you well. We have done this in the past with several people and have had almost 100% fitting on the first pair. 

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SKU: regency-1

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